Purple lips

Some make up trend spotting again:
Although they said for "light skin tone don't go too dark",
I of course did. Always doing what they tell me I can't, haha.
But it is kind of "hard" on me, indeed.
So for allday wear, I would definitely go for a lighter tone.
The color can overwhelm the rest of your face,
so you have to keep your eye makeup simple!
None/neutral eyeshadow and a little bit of mascara will do.
I also did a little bit of eyeliner.

You can ofcourse mix & match with what you're wearing,
than it will look even more stunning.
Another possibility is to do your nails in the same tone of purple.

I was also a little bit 'afraid' at first, but now I'm all in!
And I think you should all give it a try! ;)


I used Rimmel - Kate Moss - N°4


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